11 July 2013

Write Tribe contest # 1

I peeked into my son’s room to let him know he had received a postcard from his friend.  I saw him lying on the bed, idly watching television and flipping a coin.

“My my, aren’t we tidy!”  I said sarcastically.

His room looked like wild horses had galloped through it.

“Maa!” my darling son bleated, “instead of being so sarcastic, you could help, you know”

I walked into the room and straightened a calendar that was lying face down.

“No dear! Your room is your responsibility.  You must learn how to keep it clean:  Now pick up the stuff, change your sheets and PLEASE dust everything.  If you want your weekly allowance on Monday as usual, that is.”

I marched out of the room mindful of his indignant looks, but not caring.  I leaned against the door and heard him scurrying around the room, tidying up.

“Yessssss” I said to myself, triumphantly.

Write Tribe

This post is written as a part of  write tribe initiative.

The rules are:

1. Write a piece/a story/ a poem incorporating the following  7 words in random order :
  •   postcard
  •   coin
  •   tidy
  •  wild
  •  help
  •  calendar
  •  responsibility


  1. Very nice, Ava. Very intelligent use of the keywords. :-)

  2. wow...a realistic portrayal of a mom and her son...beautifully written ...

    Sreedev Soman @ KookyDom

  3. What a beautiful story!!A good lesson for the sonny boy!!

  4. Raja: Thanks for revealing the purpose behind that little story - I thought those italicised words might be part of the theme, but couldn't be sure.

    Ava: Good one! And, a good mum. ;-)

  5. Thanks for taking part, Ava. Reading through all the posts now and enjoying everyone of them.
    Only threats work with kids! ;)

  6. Raja : Thank you for the comment.

    Sreedev: Thank you. :)

    Ushaji : I read those keywords and things just fell into place, thanks.

    Madhu: Thanks Madhu. Reading your comment made me realise I needed to put in the rules of contest in my blog, so it would be clear to all readers.

    Corinne: Thank you Corinne. You have made me try and write more regularly.

  7. Great use of the words and I like how you made a complete story in such a short word count.

  8. Ha! I used to have similar exchanges with my mother, back in the day. Great use of all the words! Enjoyable post, Ava. :-)

  9. Good, good!
    Piece/Peace of real life, eh?
    Have put the keywords to good use!

  10. Oh so it was part of a writing contest and nothing more ! I must say your son is quite well behaved, and easily gives in.

  11. Actually... he hates to have me clean up his room. He likes to do everything, even change the sheets himself :) Thanks Atul