07 July 2013

When you say nothing

"When you say nothing at all... I hate it." Rajesh nearly screamed out the last three words.

Rani felt a shiver go through her. She had heard Rajesh when he had imperiously told her "Sonia and Prem are coming today for dinner.  Sonia, his sister and Prem, her husband.  She knew what it meant.

She would spend the day slaving in the kitchen, preparing 4-5 dishes.  Sonia and Prem would walk in at 7.30 PM. Prem and Rajesh would start drinking.  Sonia would sit with them and talk, talk, talk.

During dinner, this would continue.  They would look at her only when they wanted something.

"More rotis needed, Rani" Rajesh would say to her, expecting her to rise immediately.

"Some more ice, Rani" Sonia would say.

No wonder when Rajesh had spoken those words "Sonia and Prem will be coming here today for dinner", she had turned her back to him and had gone quiet. This is what she usually did. But this time Rajesh's loud words broke something in her.

"What do you think I am?" She slammed the pan full of vegetables she had been cutting, down on the dining table.

"You always talk to me as if I am some servant you picked up. You should check your tone. I am so sick of it."

She could not control herself anymore.

"What have I done wrong? Just because I am a quiet person and don't complain, you think you can say anything you like? You just take me for granted and keep bossing over me. You think I put up with this nonsense because I am dependent on you?"

Now there was no stopping her. Rajesh stood stunned - he had never seen his wife like this.

"You know jolly well I don't work because YOU didn’t want me to.  I am a qualified designer. And designers are highly in demand.  My old office still wants me back. THEY value me.  My boss has offered me a big jump in my salary.

She went on.

“You say I don't talk to you? You know why? Every time I try to have a normal conversation with you, you talk to me as if I were an insect of some sort.  It puts me off.  But now... now you SCREAM at me!"

And then, she dealt him the blow that left him reeling.

"I am done, Rajesh! I am SO done with you. I am leaving."

Rani stormed into their bedroom and emerged a few minutes later, suitcase in hand.

Rajesh looked like he'd seen a ghost. With great difficulty, he managed to speak at all. As she left, she could hear him say "Maybe it was better when you said nothing at all."

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  1. Oh, GOOD one, Ava. Really good. I love the way you write - it flows so well.

  2. I liked your story... I'm glad your little woman didn't keep quiet!

  3. It is short but the story packs quite a punch, it would be a great short film. I liked it.

  4. Loved reading this, Ava. Very nicely written. Sounds like a very good narrative of a, sadly, not uncommon situation in India.

    These are just the type of things that bring so much unnecessary stress in people's lives.

  5. Ava what an amazing build up, the way the story went I could see pictures moving in front of my eyes and then Wham! Its such a real life situation, I wish husbands realise the pain before people like Rani take the final step. Very nice :)


  6. Thank you Shefali.

    Raja: Thank YOU. My writing is richer for your help.

    Richa: Thank you dear girl for asking for my blog post and reading and commenting.

  7. Wow! That's some awesome story! Glad she took that step! :)