17 June 2013


Write Tribe Prompt

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf.
Open it up to page 7.
Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page.
Begin a poem/a piece of prose that begins with that sentence
Limit it in length to 7 lines/7 sentences.

7th Book - Emily Bronte's Poems

7th page


     Love is like the wild rose-briar;      Friendship like the holly-tree.
     The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms,
     But which will bloom most constantly?

     The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,
     Its summer blossoms scent the air;
     Yet wait till winter comes again,
     And who will call the wild-briar fair?

     Then, scorn the silly rose-wreath now,
     And deck thee with the holly's sheen,
     That, when December blights thy brow,
      He still may leave thy garland green.

7th line

Yet wait till winter comes again,

     My offering:

Yet wait till winter comes again,

You will miss the summer sun.

When swathed in sweaters and caps,

You'll miss the light cotton wraps.

You will miss the cool drinks,

the ice-creams.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts;
 the hot sun, the sudden rains!


  1. Well said! Live in the moment and enjoy all what summers have to offer!
    Very creative take on the prompt! Awesome! :)

  2. right winter me summer chahiye
    summer me winter
    never satisfied
    be in the present moment
    that is the best!
    bas yehi ek pal hai
    karle puri aarzoo

  3. it is what is happeneing to us the hot sun and sudden rains. And you read bronte! wow, I love her too :)

    this prompt has shown so much about the authors we read as well, brought all of us closer :)


  4. Yes Richa :)

    I love Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights is one my top favorites.

  5. And then cometh the Summer and the Winter dreams begin again - we are never content are we? Loved your poem. Thanks for visiting my post.