29 September 2012

Sector 17 Chandigarh

I was about to close my eyes for a blissful nap this afternoon when the phone rang.  It was the guy from the city office to report a problem.  The problem was serious enough to make me drag myself out of bed and drive over to bail him out.  It took me an hour or two to fix his problem.

Our city office is in Sector 22 which is a stone's throw away from my favorite spot in Chandigarh, Sector 17.  I could not resist the temptation to hang out there for a while.  I have lived in Chandigarh (or its vicinity) for nearly 30 years now.  I love visiting the Sukhna Lake and Nek Chand's Rock Garden a lot.  I like driving around its tree lined roads.  I like shopping in Sector 22.  I have favorite spots for most things.

Nothing beats Sector 17 for just walking about, looking in to shop windows, walking into English Book Shop or Capital Book Shop for looking at books and magazines.  One can eat at many of the small snack shops that abound, or walk into fast food restaurants or even fine dining ones.

This is a fish shaped fountain in the center of Sector 17 plaza.  You can see a number of people just hanging around.

This is another row of fountains in the center of the plaza.  Just behind this fountain is the space where platform is usually set up for cultural performances from time to time.

You can see the famous Softy Corner which has been supplying softies and snacks to Chandigarhians as far as I can remember.  This tiny shop doles out softies, popcorn, cold drinks and several such stuff.

Just like the shop in this picture, Sector 17 is studded with little nooks loaded with bags, dupattas, socks, belts, caps, jewellery, cosmetics, umbrellas and stuff like that.  These are lovely to browse in.  Often a bag that looks funky and cute from afar looks tacky upon a closer look.  There are times though, when you could pick something trendy and pretty at rock bottom rates.

This is all what make Sector 17 such a fun place to hang out in.  Large expensive showrooms sit cheek-by-jowl with tiny shops selling budget stuff and pavement sellers who look bored when you pause beside their display.  They know you are just looking.

I took these pictures from my ancient beaten down mobile phone.  Predictably it croaked after these many pictures were taken.  Hope to be able to bring you an update on Sector 17 soon.


  1. That was like going down the memory lane... Chd is my maternal grandparents place and we would visit them every year during the summer vacations and going to Sector 17 every now and then was the highlight of our trip. Of course, it has changed a LOT since the childhood days and is more swanky and trendy now!

  2. Ah!!! your post makes me want to go for a stroll and shopping!! been ages that I relaxed like that.

  3. Shilpa,

    You told me your grandparents had a house in Kharar. Of course all chandigarhians love hanging around in Sector 17.

    Smita: You kid is small, so it is hard for you to find time. Wait for a while, and you can get back to leisurely ways of life.

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  5. One week I was in Panchkula in 2010 for my best friend's wedding, I must have spent 40% of the time at Looks Salon with her. She had taken a bridal package there. It used to be fun just walking around. Quite a happening place.
    We had gone shopping one day and had taken a pic, dont remember whether it was sector 22 or 19. This post reminded me so much of my time there that I had to hunt that pic down. Let me post it on your wall on fb.

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