30 May 2012

Sounds of Jamnagar

There are times when I wish I knew how to sketch.  There are all these images in my mind that are crystal clear, and I wish I could reproduce them in a sort of a photograph.  If I knew how to sketch I would place all those beloved images on paper for posterity, that is, if posterity cares about the images in my head.  I guess I have to make do with writing about my memories from time to time, to keep them alive for me at least.

I want to write about the sounds of Jamnagar.  Last night I posted a Gujarati song on Facebook, and it brought back the memories of several songs that floated around in that little town.  In our house, it was strictly hindi film music, but outside, on the transistors fitted into the little shops that lined the roads of Jamnagar, it was Gujarati film songs, bhajans and of course garba songs.

The first song I am about to post is from the film Mehndi Rang Lagyo filled with bollywood stars like Rajendra Kumar and Usha Kiran.  The movie was a super-duper hit.  I love the songs of this film and this one primarily :

The song talks about mehndi that was sown in the fields of Mandva (Rajasthan), and came to Gujarat to colour the hands of pretty maidens.   Lata's voice adapts itself effortlessly to the Gujarati, and you don't feel it is being sung by a non-Gujarati.

Khamma Khamma mara Nandji na Lal is a song from Krishna Leela when he cavorted with Gopi's.  Here, a Gopi hears the sound of Krishna's flute and in its thrall, she leaves whatever she is doing to follow him.

Ame Maiyyara re gokud gaam na is probably the song I love most. Although the theme of the song is same as above, a song about being in thrall of Kanhiyya's murli, except it is sung by the cowherds of Gokul.  This is the song that brings back the memories of Jamnagar most to me.

** In case the embedded video does not work, a link to the song is provided under its name.  Do listen to the songs till the end, esp. Ame Maiyyara re.


  1. Wonderful, Ava.
    I think I'm getting addicted to that Lata "mehndi" song. :-)
    You write well - you should write more. Not just about your memories (which are also fun to read about) but other stuff that you think are worth writing about.

  2. Bau saru post che!
    Mane time jou tamhari videos ne joanu!
    But I know exactly how you feel when you say: "There are times when I wish I knew how to sketch. There are all these images in my mind that are crystal clear, and I wish I could reproduce them in a sort of a photograph. If I knew how to sketch I would place all those beloved images on paper for posterity"
    There are these images filled with smell and sounds and tastes, which one can never really write or reproduce in some other form!

  3. Raja, thanks. You are always so encouraging. Oh that Mehndi song is simply amazing, so upbeat. I could listen to it any number of times.

    Harv: Thanks dear. Take your time. Haan, images you can replicate by describing or painting or drawing, what about sounds and smells and tastes? Very hard to replicate.

  4. Very well said, a sketch of all memories would be so very wonderful but words carry a lot of power too!
    And yes, the old songs when you hear them now, have the power to transport you back in time!! It's an awesome feeling!

  5. I can very well imagine these songs bringing back memories of the place where you heard them for the first time - and often.
    I too like the last one very much, while Lata's song is folksy and vibrant. Like it a lot too.

    Songs that make one nostalgic are always so charming. To have the perfect sketch to go with the memories aroused especially by songs would be perfect, but alas they remain in ones mind.

    I'm actually very grateful to youtube for refreshing my memories with songs long forgotten.


  6. the mehndi rang lagyo is quite an interesting one, I dont think I came across it before.