18 January 2012

My resolutions for 2012

The predictable resolutions are there this year too, and they should stay on my list forever.  I mean how can you go wrong with a resolution that says "I will lose at  least 5 kgs this year" or  "I will work out more" or "I will eat healthy".

It is not the question of what you will be able to keep or not.  The whole point behind making resolutions is to remind yourself that these things are important to you.  On some level you will wind up following it, to some extent.  And that is what you are really aiming for aren't you?  To change your lifestyle gradually.

10  I will eat healthy.  

I have started by getting Olive Oil to cook in.  I eschew unhealthy snacks in general.  I try to keep some tips in mind.  The best tip I got was... don't shop when you are hungry.  I realise that is really useful.  I tend to buy chips and coke for myself in the evenings post office when my stomach is growling and I am craving some comforting junk food.  Buy Apples, Grapes, Oranges.

9.  I will work out more.

Ok this is the one I follow the least.  I haven't gone for a single walk or jog.  My Jane Fonda DVD lies dusty and unused.  But hey, its so cold and foggy yet.  Wait till February.  I will surely join an aerobics class or a gym or do something wonderful.

8.  I will write my book.

Again, sigh, I don't follow this much.  The minute I get my laptop up, I am on facebook, I am on gmail, I am on blogger.  Well, blogging is practice for writing, and reading blogs is again practice for writing.  Soon soon!

7.  I will watch each movie and judge it on it's own merits.

I have often found movies that others diss quite entertaining, and vice versa.  Newspaper ratings can be quite off the mark, as we all know. I have a friend who watches all movies unfailingly and forms his own opinion.  Bravo!  I will do the same.  If I don't watch a movie, I will not judge it.

6.  I will visit friends more often, be more social.

I am terrible at calling up people.  I am busy with my work and home ALL THE TIME.  I don't go out, I don't socialize.  My social circle is limited to the people in the office.  Change Change!

5.  I will read more books.

Again, I am seduced by the TV as soon as I get back home.  It is so comforting to just watch what's on TV, surf a little and drop off.  I do keep books handy all the time, but don't read much.  More More, review more too.

4. I will do my household chores promptly.

I love my house.  I love houses that gleam and shine.  But I am not very efficient at housework.  I tend to do all that needs to be done and leave the rest.  I need to be less laidback and finish the household chores in time.  Do the laundry, do the dusting, do the sorting.  It looks good and makes me feel really happy.

3.  I will pay my bills on time.

Paying the bill on the last days does not make it diminish, so I will not procrastinate here and pay my bills first as soon as the salary is credited.  It is actually a step towards my next resolution, but it is important enough to be listed on its own.  I have often fallen into deeper shit just by delaying my bill payments.  Desist, desist.

2.  I will get my finances in order.

We cannot deny that it is money that makes the world go around.  Love does not pay your bills.  Unless your love is very rich and very generous, which is not likely to happen, so quit daydreaming.  Only way to put your finances in order is to work towards it.  My flower child attitude to money has cost me dear.  Its time to turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge.

1.  I will do my own work first.

I need to get my own affairs in order.  Get an adhar card, driving license, learn how to drive a car, get my passports renewed.  I can be terrible lax in my own affairs.  If a friend wants a thing done, I scale mountains for it, but for my own affairs its always later.  NO MORE.  I am IMPORTANT TOO.


  1. Thats quite to-the-point and clear. Hope you will be able to stick on to these. My prayers...

  2. I will write my book and I will read more books. Ekdum ditto mera haal. Sometime I feel let me deactivate FB but nahi ho pata. FB kar bhi diya toh Twitter toh kabhi nahi chhod sakta. what to do.

    And unread list of books, pucchho mat. And for u toh even more difficult. Ghar bhi dekho vagairah vagairah

  3. Everyone is tied down to something or the other. Said someone, Man is truly free only in his dreams.

    Sahi bola na?

  4. Haha, ekdum sahi. In my dreams I have people flocking me doing my work and I am just sitting . Oh wait, I just slapped Mayawati in my dreams. Sapne me rehne do ;)

  5. Agree, some of the resolutions are predictable but they are also realistic. That's important. My goals for 2012 include # 10, 6, and 5. I am also going to de-lurk on many blogs that I do read. Yours is one of the first ones :)

    Hope it is not too late to wish you a happy new year. Have a wonderful 2012!

  6. Very well written, Ava.
    I can empathise with each one of them, though I don't make explicit resolutions. I think they're in my sub-conscious - and I've never acted seriously on them. Nothing to be proud of, of course.

  7. Arya - Thanks. I hope you never stop lurking on my blog. :D Best of luck with your resolutions

  8. Vee- haha.. sapne me rehne do, sapna na uthao.

  9. Raja - we keep doing things that we are often not proud of, but we are human right? That is the part of the fun.

  10. Very very practical and do-able resolutions!!
    I felt, as if, I am reading my resolutions!! LOL :D
    All the very best to you in achieving all of them and especially No. 8!!
    Cheers :)

  11. In my last dream I slapped Priyanka Gandhi Vadra; Her brother came for her rescue and he was slapped too. Mayawati laughed seeing that so I slapped her too. I felt good and had no more nightmares thereafter.