14 November 2011

Pretty Panchkula

It was a short while ago that my office shifted to Panchkula.  Living on rent, it did not make too much sense for me to commute so much, hence I started looking for houses closer to my place of work.  Alas, Panchkula had already been beset by cash rich IT professionals who were willing to pay good bucks.  The houses that went for ridiculous rents were now beyond reach for me.  I moved into a less popular place, more populous nevertheless, thanks to the numerous housing societies that have sprung up here, turning a green periphery into a concrete jungle.

Now that I was closer to my place of work and took a route through Panchkula, I started noticing how pretty Panchkula is.  Indeed, it is prettier than its more famous cousin Chandigarh.  A tiny little dot on the map, it nestles close to the foothills of the Shivalik mountains that loom in the background no matter where you are.  From Chandigarh you can spot them in the distance, blue and hazy.  In Panchkula you can see the green bushes and the exposed earth and rocks that dot the Morni hills and the hills close to Nada village. The roads are broad here and kothis are more individualistic and opulent than in Chandigarh.  More on these later when I have pictures to back my claim.

This post is about the view of Nada Sahib from atop the  flyover that is built for the convenience of travellers from Ambala-Delhi route who want to rush towards Shimla without being caught in the bottleneck of city traffic.  More on this too, later.  At the moment, enjoy the pictures.

Nada Sahib shines amongst shrubs and rocks of the hills that  are just starting out.

People flock to the Nada Sahib Gurdwara on Puranmashi  days.

Devotees ask for boons here.

Cities grow and overtake everything. Chandigarh airport was once in wilderness, Now it is in the centre of Pabhat (or Bhabat) village.  Visiting Nada Sahib used to be a long drive through a quiet town, now it is a busy road and a thriving Nada Village that dots your road.


  1. Do you think that Panchkula will grow organically or in the artifically socially compartmentalised corbusian ideal like Chandigarh? Chandigarh gives me the shovers somehow.

  2. No, Panchkula took the best of both worlds when it took the neat structure of the corbusian ideal, but allowed itself enough leeway to grow organically.

    The houses are individual, unlike Chandigarh.

    Even Chandigarh, because of the restraints imposed on the city, has grown berserk in the periphery which do not come under the control act.

  3. Wow really awesome Place. I have visited that place. Thank you for sharing.