25 December 2010

My Little Christmas Tree

I am not a Christian, but can't help being infected by the spirit of Christmas.  Someday, I will visit the midnight mass at the church too, just to see what it's like.  I love candles and lights and Santas and the whole thing.  I wish we had grand Christmases here like they do in the west.  But in Chandigarh, its not much apart from the stores selling little imitation trees, Santa caps, dresses and Christmas decorations.  Confectionery stores are full of Christmas cakes and chocolates.  I have spotted a Santa or two in Sector 17, but they are usually store ushers trying to get you to visit the shops that sponsor them.

My daughter sent me the picture of the Christmas tree put up in Portland downtown, and it's grand.
The White House puts up a grand Christmas tree every year.  I wanted a recent picture, but couldn't resist downloading this lovely picture of Jackie and Prez Kennedy.  This is Christmas 1961.

This is Michelle Obama's tree for the year 2010.  How simply grand!  Maybe I will get lucky one day and visit this place.  My wishlist grows as long as my years.

I have a little collapsible store-bought Christmas tree and some decorations.  This year I replenished the lightings and put up my little tree.

It brightens up my drawing room.  These will stay till up till the New Year after which they will live on the shelf above my cupboard wrapped in newspaper till the Christmas Next.


  1. Big, small or tiny , Christmas trees always are jolly and cheerful things to be around during this season ! And your tree looks perfectly lovely !
    Though not X'ians, we also used to celebrate with "tree" ( any species, decked up !)crib,presents, cakes& wine in my natal home.
    Its such a pleasure to go around Bangalore on Tree-'Spotting jaunts ! Truly, 'its the season to be jolly' !
    Seasons greetings and warm wishes for a happy New Year.

  2. Cool Christmas trees!!
    I find something magical about this season! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful and joyous festive season!
    Cheers :)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.The lights the magic and hoopla sure brings some cheer to those living in utterly,dreary cold places unable to reach dear ones.