23 October 2010

Visiting Sector 17

Visiting sector 17 always gives me a an instant spirit lift. There is something about it, the familiar shops, the plaza, people all decked up and walking about.  Some licking cones, some chomping on popcorn, some clustered around various shops.  I made a round, browsed a couple of windows, peeked at a few wares, and made a beeline for my favorite Indian Coffee House.

It was crowded as usual.  I was lucky to find a newly vacated table.  The busy waiter put two glasses of water in front of me and got busy trying to cope with a rush of orders.  I looked around, there was a table full of lawyers right in my front.   Two guys with a gal on the right, Mom and daughter on my left.  I drew some curious glances, being a lonely lady.  I ignored them.  I was trying to decide between a masala dosa and a vada sambhar.  When the waiter came up I ordered Vada Sambhar and some coffee.  The taste of the food was exactly as it used to be.  The size of the vada has shrunk somewhat. The 'coconut' chutney was as faux as ever, and quite yucky.  The coffee was divine.  The group of lawyers threw a last curious look at me and departed while I ate.  The seat was quickly filled by a trio of husband-wife-grown son.

A lady came and asked if she could share my table.

'Please', I said, finished my coffee, picked up my bags, and left.

I noticed that a lot of people were wearing black.  Is it because the temperatures have plummed to 22C thanks to the maverick rainshower?   I looked down at myself and realised I was wearing black too for this very reason.


  1. Lively narration of a nostalgic outing !
    But I was quite surprised to read that a lady eating out alone still draws curious glances in Chandigarh !

  2. Thanks Yosee, In some ways Chandigarh is still a village.

  3. Hi Avdi, long time no speak :-).

    Saw your changed byline. IMHO this makes more sense.

    Love Chandigarh, have friends there. Travelled through that cuty in convoy by road six times in three years.

  4. Ashwin, ;) Thanks for noticing. I was trying to have a consistent byline for all my three blogs.

    Chandigarh is lovely, no doubt.

  5. and realized I was wearing black too.. beautiful end...

    Oh Chandigarh.... lovely place. Was in Kasauli for 5 years and visited CHD every month twice those 5 years..

    Wish I knew you then....

  6. Thanks vee - I wish I knew you too. :) Kasauli is one of my favorite places.

  7. Chandigarh... ah Chandigarh! Simply love the place and your vivid narration brought back many memories!!

  8. I wish the same... Then I would have roamed with you instead of under the watchful eyes of teachers.. ;)