12 February 2010


We all love Sherlock Holmes, I do atleast. The famous detective of 221 Baker Street, a gentleman with extraordinary gifts who solved little mysteries, saved lives, helped emperors; even random red-headed men with a curious story led to the capture of famous criminals.

Here is the image of Sherlock Holmes as imagined by Sidney Paget.

I saw the BBC series when it aired first on doordarshan. Jeremy Brett was so quintessentially like Sherlock (or the image I had of him when I read the stories) that it was easy to think of them as same. Actually, playing Sherlock became an obsession for Jeremy as well, as we can see from the wikipedia article.

BBC series' Dr. Watson was a bit of a bumbling man, kind and sweet, but not as sharp as Holmes. He is the perfect companion to show up the skills of Holmes, his sluggish social skills, his curtness, the curious way in which he immediately loses interest in a client as soon as the case is solved. Watson is the man who always shakes hands, opens doors, bids warm goodbyes, comforts female clients.

Here is the famous Sherlock Holmes pose, finger on his lips while he ponders over some clue. Most times he has already come to a conclusion, and needs to nab the culprit red handed, or set the trap for the final dénouement.

Here is a video clip of the famous prelude to the BBC series, a music and images that we all love so much.

However, into these dear images protruded the more recent Guy Ritchie offering. Sorry this isn't the official trailer, I wasn't able to embed it.

Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes seems like a sacrilege, the movie is bombastic and does not follow any of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. It is more of a derivative, taking up characters and placing them as seen fit by the screenplay writer. However that does not mean that the modern take on the Baker Street boys is not enjoyable. Rachel McAdams looks luscious as Irene Adler, and plays an intelligent female. Jude Law's Dr Watson is almost as sharp as Holmes, he just happens to be a step behind him, and is NOT a comic sidekick, he is merely a more 'normal' and less forward friend of Sherlock's. The movie is engrossing and very well made, if we leave aside our puritanism for a bit.

Heck, why make a fuss, read em all, see em all !


  1. well to be frank... i am a avid fan of Sherlock read all the 36 stories, 4 novels and have collection from the study in scarlet to the the last bow.

    For some reason Robery Downey Jr did not fit my imagination of Sherlock and it was hard to picture Sherlock other than Jeremy Brett, however apart from that I enjoyed the movie with the plot may not be Conan Doyle complete justice was made to Sherlock, Irene (The woman in books) even Proffessor and Watson, I also believe that it is about time someone rewrote Sherlock for modern times. :)

  2. that's the reason i have not watched it yet. holmes as an action hero?? the mind boggles...

  3. Sid, I guess that is what Guy Ritchie had in mind.

    CP - you will like it, do watch it. If you read Sherlock, he was much much more weird than what the series and movie portrays.

  4. I know how it feels .. but like everything else .. I felt Sherlock Holmes needed a makeover too :)

    We accept it only if it is for the greater good ..

    Sherlock Holmes was a mess ... but still he was neat and clean .. in the movie however he was a real american mess

    But hey not bad at all .. love downey .. love holmes ..

  5. Arthur Conan Doyle has been my fav since eons. Havnt seen the new SH tho. Is it worth it's while?

  6. Ah thanks, Sherlock Holmes is a great obsession with me too!

  7. Yes like CP, I cannot visualize Sherlock Holmes morphed into James Bond or Indian Jones.

  8. Anand - I enjoyed the movie.

    Ashwin - The books are the best.

    Samir - Well, I feel SH was a daddy of JB and IJ

  9. It was ok...I tend to agree with this post

  10. I am a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes too. Have read all the books and the old TV series. I somehow got pissed about the new one just after seeing the trailers. I felt the comic factor just did not suit Sherlock Holmes. I did not watch the movie yet but I felt they might have murdered the movie.

  11. Reema.. I will check out the link.

    Evanescent - A lot of people felt that way. Luckily I was forewarned..