23 December 2009

Dateline Saturday - 19.12.2009

I usually like to go out on Saturdays, run some errands, meet a friend, pick up a few things, and often watch an early early movie show. This last has two advantages, one - the early show tickets are cheap, two - more importantly, catching an early movie leaves the rest of the day free for other errands/visits etc.

This Saturday I went out on my errands first and then reached a favorite mall/multiplex to catch a movie - New Moon. Alas, I had muddled up and the time for the show was already past. This is what happens if you schedule the movie for later in the day. There were huge lines in front of the box office thanks to Avatar. I abandoned the idea of watching any movie and decided to hit the bookshop on the first floor of the mall (which is actually the fourth floor if you account for the two parking basements).

I stepped into the bookshop and stopped short. It looked like hurricane Katrina had been through it. Books were strewn in random places, furnishings were stripped down. Just then, a helpful salesman came over to me, the books were all at 50% off he said. They were renovating and were clearing the books. The books were stacked in random order and it was hard to find anything worthwhile at the first look. Gradually I picked out some books. At half rate, they were a steal.

The Pregnant King - Devdutt Pattanaik: This I picked up because I read about it on Jai Arjun's blog. It was everybit awesome as it was said to be. I have written about it on my book blog.

Escape, Manjula Padmanabhan : I loved Manjula Padmanabhan's cartoon series Suki and have liked several short stories by her that I have read here and there. I had long wanted this book, and here it is !

The Black Moth, Georgette Heyer: This is a tribute to the compulsive romance/vampire-romance reader Couchpapaya ! I know I will love it.

My Revolutions, Hari Kunzru : I have read Transmissions by Hari Kunzru more than once. It is amazing. Here is a sample of his writing. Although he is an Indian, he does not let the diaspora overshadow his writing. Book lovers really have to read Transmisions. I will write on him once I am through with his book.

Amit Chaudhuri's New World I picked up because I was impressed by whatever I read on the back. More after I am finished with it.

Thus went a satisfying Saturday.


  1. Wow, looks like a great haul!!! Am excited you got the Heyer :) TBM is so cute, if you start to get more interested in the villain of the piece you HAVE TO read 'These Old Shades' after this one!!! Now to convert you to vampires next :D

  2. wow!!!! 50% off???

    Damn good!!!

    Haven't read any of these books but yes I had picked "The Pregnant King" for WIAN which she didn't collect fom me for 2 months. I told her that she should be paying me for taking care of the Pregnant King but she is yet to give me anything for it ;-)

  3. What a loot ! Its always so exciting to rummage through books in Book Fairs and clearance sales. Its such a thrill to land a good bargain on a certain book you'd kept putting off buying,and at that moment can put off no more ! I used to love Suki too ( BTW, hasnt she changed her name to Manjula Padma now ?)I just picked up The Pregnant King yesterday !Yet to start reading.

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  5. Good good. I am toh not finding time to watch movies or read books.... yet to start Mr. Kafka as well... :(

  6. CP - Yes, it was a good haul. Yesterday I spotted Stephanie Mayer books on the pavement. Which speaks a lot about the popularity of the twilight movies. How are they?

  7. Smita, Did you have to feed the pregnant king? Imli achar? hehe. Be glad he did not multiply on you.

  8. Yosee, I cant stop myself from taking a look at all those predictable books on the pavements even. They are loaded with Sidney Sheldons and Paulo Cuehlos not to mention Dan Browns.

  9. OK, I will try & read Transmissions, & what else do you suggest (since I have not read any)

  10. Samir, You have not read any books? Whew .. where can i start? But if you are in IT, Transmissions will really work for you.

  11. I've only read Twilight and did a post on it too


    as you can see, I hated it. But, a lot of my friends really love it. I would say dont buy it, see if you like the first one, then get the rest! I have not watched the movies completely, just managed to catch bits and pieces of the first one on Youtube, and wasnt v. impressed.

  12. Who doesn't like a book sale, that too at 50%. Great that you picked up these books. I have been so busy working these days that I have not been reading my usual quota, will hopefully catch up next year. Speaking of next year, here's an early Happy New year Greetings to you and family! Cheers...

  13. If the books were stacked better, I might have picked up more.

    Thanks ! Same to you and your family as well :)

  14. this saturday was boxing day sales here.need not tell u where i was the whole day..
    enjoy reading them!