31 December 2009

Bye 2009

Its with happiness that I bid goodbye to 2009. I wont say it was particularly a good year for me. A lot of things happened that I didnt like.

The year started in a rush of work and is ending in a rush of work.

My father died this year, and I know the loss will stay with me forever. Though I am happy he had a rich life and I am glad his passing was painless.

My daughter visited India and we had a great time together, even though it was hectic.

Life was quite the same as ever, and there were not too many changes in my life. I am not sure if this was good or bad.

My son grew taller and it is nice to look at him growing so fast.

There were no increments this year thanks to recession and the expenses are through the roof. I really dont know how to make ends meet.

I havent seen Avatar yet, or New Moon, or 3 Idiots.

I did read a load of lovely books, and tried to record them as much as possible on my blog.

I am still hanging on to my lovely friends and made some new ones.

Bye bye 2009


  1. Happy New Year to you & your family.
    Hang in there, things are bound to get better

  2. Wish you & your family a Vaery Happy New Year :-)

    The year that has gone is gone & the new one can only get better, nahin?? :)

  3. 09 was a mixed bag, that could have had a better composition. Hope 2010 brings with it gifts of Peace, Brotherhood and Hope to all. Best wishes to you and the family for a very happy new year.

  4. I believe in cycles too, things reached a low and now the only way is up! Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year where all your dreams come true.

  5. 2009 was mixed for me too. Things did not go as per plan. Being in aviation in a recession year was stressful. My dad was more in hospital than out. I have not seen any of the movies that u mentioned yet! My favorite cat at home died after 9 years. Best thing for 2009 was my housewarming in Goa. December has been hectic work for me also but its all pointing to a promising 2010. Lets hope for a more peaceful world! All the best to you and your readers for 2010, may you find happiness all around! Looking forward to read all your blogs this year.

  6. sorry about the loss Av.

    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Thank you all for the good wishes. Lets hope for a great 2010

  8. Wishing you a wonderful, enriching, satisfying and successful New Year!! :)
    Cheers :)

  9. Great post and wish you a great 2010! :-)

  10. Happy New Year!!! Dont miss Avatar :)

  11. A little late, but still...Happy New Year.

  12. Well you had a mixture of good and bad emotions in the year...But I guess life's like that or else it will be too smooth to be called LIFE :)..But heres wishing u a wonderful and a great year ahead :)