07 October 2009

Its my Life

Weekend Glory

Some clichty folks
don't know the facts,
posin' and preenin'
and puttin' on acts,
stretchin' their backs.

They move into condos
up over the ranks,
pawn their souls
to the local banks.
Buying big cars
they can't afford,
ridin' around town
actin' bored.

If they want to learn how to live life right
they ought to study me on Saturday night.

My job at the plant
ain't the biggest bet,
but I pay my bills
and stay out of debt.
I get my hair done
for my own self's sake,
so I don't have to pick
and I don't have to rake.

Take the church money out
and head cross town
to my friend girl's house
where we plan our round.
We meet our men and go to a joint
where the music is blue
and to the point.

Folks write about me.
They just can't see
how I work all week
at the factory.
Then get spruced up
and laugh and dance
And turn away from worry
with sassy glance.

They accuse me of livin'
from day to day,
but who are they kiddin'?
So are they.

My life ain't heaven
but it sure ain't hell.
I'm not on top
but I call it swell
if I'm able to work
and get paid right
and have the luck to be Black
on a Saturday night.

Maya Angelou


  1. Pay my bills and stay outta debt... lovely... You and only you I know who is living life on her own terms (I am close but still have long way)...

    MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. HAPPY 50th. This totally and totally summed up what you are.

  2. Vee - I am not totally out of debt but I am working towards it.

    You betcha I am living on my own terms, even if it is day to day.

    You are not there I am telling you. You have your family around you, youre not independent.

  3. I read somewhere that 'interdependence' is a higher form of living than 'independence'. The natural world reflects this - the social insects are considered 'higher' than those that exist independently.

    Thanks for introducing me to Maya Angelou!

  4. Like the sudden appearance of a forgotten treasure- maya angelou ! She used to be such a craze once with our gang. Then quietly slipped out of mind ! So nice rediscovering her here !

  5. Maya Angelou's poems are very inspiring...though this one I had not read before.
    Staying out of debt would be nice, but it will take us some years to get there.

  6. Ashwin - It is always interdependence, I think. Independence is just an illusion.

  7. What we call independence, Ashwin, is a feeling of control over our life. That is a heady feeling.

  8. Yosee , I was blown away by her powerful poem. So I read up a little on her. I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

    Aparna - Yes, I guess she is trying to highlight the importance of living simply and not setting too much store by the material accoutrements.

  9. This poem is awesome and inspiring....It is so easy to curse and crib, but to live with it takes guts....

    Well that's why i guess its apt "woman of substance"

  10. vvvv belated budday wishes Av!! sorry poor net connection, the max i cld do was think of u on ur budday :(

  11. Bubs.. Your wishes mean the world to me. :)

  12. Thanks for introducing Maya Angelou to me!!
    My first experience of her expression on your blog! :p
    Damn cool and inspiring!!

    Happy birthday to you!! (Belated!!)
    Hope you had a great time!! :)

  13. Thanks Ships .. No problemo .. the party continues for the year !

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