25 September 2009

Thanks Avada Kedavra

I got three lovely awards from my friend Avada Kedavra.

I love her lovely well maintained blog. I wish I could work miracles with mine like her.

Lovely isnt it. I am glad I am I am your blog buddy Avada !

What a pretty blue ribbon. Thanks again Avada !

This beautiful tea cup courtesy - no prizes for guessing - Avada !

As for who would I pass this award on to.. I dont want to restrict myself to one or two or more, but all the people on my blogroll and reader !


    your blog in indeed lovely!
    Feels so spic n span!

  2. Congratulations on your awards!!
    Awards are pouring for you!! :)
    Touch wood and great going!! :D

  3. Congrats :) you know i was telling to someone (you can guess who) that i appreciate the way you acknowledge every award. I like a misbehaved child don't even remember who all i've to thank because i procrastinate :-(

  4. OSum.... though I like the pink one more than this one..;)

  5. You deserved them all avdi :) I stumbled upon this blog of yours for the first time.. I thought you just had a book review blog.. going to browse through the posts here now :)

  6. Reema - thanks ! :)

    Vee - ahem.. I could not figure out what you said right away. For some strange reason it made me miss that pink bikini I got on MS ... hehehe

    ET - Thanks, you made them so nicely.

  7. Smita - I got one chicken award also, it was really sweet, but I lost it. So its not as if I remember them all.

  8. Congrats on the treasure trove of awards! I like the way you write!

  9. Thats so wonderful...Congrats :) U sure deserve the awards :)