16 August 2009

Name Tag Be Glad you are not called Xerxes !

Tagger ! A rose is a rose is a rose

Tag Rules: It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up!(nahi to police pakedegi Savdhan !!!) If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Ava

2. A four Letter Word: Alum

3. A boy’s Name: Amit

4. A girl’s Name: Ameeta

5. An occupation: Agriculturist

6. A color: Amber

7. Something you wear: Angrakha

8. A food: Aaloo

9. Something found in the bathroom: Aqua (water)

10. A place: Ahemdabad

11. A reason for being late: Anything

12. Something you shout: Aha !

13. A movie title: Aye Din Bahar Ke

14. Something you drink: Ale

15. A musical group: Abba my favorite

16. An animal: Anteater

17. A Street name: Akbar Road

18. A type of car: Astar

19. A song title: Aaja aaja me hoon pyar tera

20. A verb: Act

Taggees - Anyone called Xerxes? Yasmin ? Z.....?


  1. remindes me of the name place animal thing game we used to play .... this one is more tortuous :)

  2. Ava :))
    Never heard of a car called Astar, and never saw movie "Aye Din Bahar Ke".
    Like CP, reminded of that game; nowadays you get a much more complicated one.

  3. I was thanking my stars for picking easy aliases like Spike and EISI over my real name :D
    This one is fun!

  4. Badhiya hai... Reason for late nicely put... name stars wid A so makes it easier for u... mera toh beda garak ho jayega if I try.. Lol

  5. I didn't come here and I didn't read this!!


  6. CP - You know a couple of years back I was travelling to Jamnagar with my kids on train and we played name,place,animal,thing. The weird thing was, I was still thinking of the same responses that came readily to my mind when I was a kid.

  7. Samir, A-Star is a latest offering by Maruti - now that they have stopped producing 800. Havent seen aaye din bahar ke? Dharmendra, Asha Parekh... Suno sajna papehe ne kaha sab se pukar ke, sambhal jao chaman walo ke aaye din bahar ke..

  8. EISI, do you have some kind of a hidden wish to reveal your name? you can pick up the tag.

  9. Arrey vee, I shd have tagged you. Waise velle baithe dekhna kitne answer milte hain. Car ??? Verna, Colour ??? hmm mm

  10. Smita .. no need to worry. Was so busy looking for Xerxes that I dint tag you.

  11. Hi Avdi

    Nicely done.

    i love eating Aaloo.

    Also liked the reason for being late....lol.


  12. IP thanks !

    Who can escape aloo? Esp punjabis ! no wonder we start looking like aloos as we get along.

  13. Hi Avdi

    You are right about paani-puri in my blog.


  14. Hello Avdi

    You know i came across this food name so many times but i never realised that its our very own puchka.


    One question:

    ""ever been struck by the smell of rotten eggs early in the morning??""

    Any reason for this weird tag line??...it kind of funny...


  15. Some cool insights!!
    These tags are just great!! :)

  16. Read that link.

    Liked it and also commented on it.

    Some memories never go away........


  17. Yes Shilpa, I was sucker for pop-quizzes, even when we got them only in magazines.

    IP - I am thrilled.. never got any comments in those days :D

  18. Enjoyed!
    Lol at the difficult label below the tag :P

  19. Hey! 'A' was easy! I had to actually google up stuff when I was doing mine! ('K') Haven't come across anyone so far, who did this tag with a Q or a Y or Z! I wonder how they'll do it! @-)

  20. Val - Can you do this tag? I guess V is not as bad as an X

  21. Hi first time here on your blog.
    Simply loved your easy style.
    For some reason I find tags hard to do. Currently sitting on 2 of them.

  22. Daz = V is still ok. I can think of a colour - Violet, Car= Verna, names of kids etc. But X and Z and W should hard I feel.

    Aparna - Thanks dearie. I rarely get tags, so I dont find them too hard.

  23. Aargh! How did you realise I was "not called Xerces"? Foiled, gotta change my alias! Do you like alliteration?

    The ultimate in using the same alphabet "V for Vendetta".


    I just luv'd it. And nonsense rhyme too..

    "I passed by the garden and marked with an eye"
    "how a moth tried to be a butterfly"
    (my last post)

    Since, you have brought up names, can't stop now, I'm off to write a post on a "turtle called Myrtle" (my next post).

  24. For your ladyship's viewing pleasure..

    V speaks using 'v'with 'Evey' in 'V for Vendetta'


  25. I missed V for Vendetta though it was said to be a good movie. Will try to catch it. It is rare that movies come up with something original.

    Turtle called myrtle. I will chase her too.

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