01 August 2009

The Cream and Scum of Blogging

Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to do an die.

Ummm Life is like that isn't it? It is full of choices which may or may not appeal to us. I like life as it is, full of contradictions, a little rough, a little sweet, kabhi khushi kabhi gham kinda scenario. Is blogging any different?

Bloggers seem to stretch from here to eternity. Techo, movie buffs, music buffs, just-airing-their-view-on-anything, letting-it-all-hang-out types. Celebrities, of whom Shobha De seems to invite most brickbats (even from me). There are guys who lost their jobs because they were too hasty to run down the companies that had just employed them. Some lucky ones like Maureen Dowd get famous because of their blogs.

I first stumbled across blogs god knows in which year. I didnt even have an internet connection at home. I used to surf in cyber-cafes, exploring this medium and spending a lot of money in just fooling around. I had created a profile on rediff blogs and wrote to a couple of bloggers. Didnt really get along with the medium, created a blogger profile and lost it. Discovered Jai Arjun's Jabberwock, followed it for a while, lost it. Yada Yada Yada, and here I am with a healthy blog and a good amount of blogger friends who are on my phone and email lists even. I have met a couple and chatted with a few.

It has been a wonderful journey and I have no intention of giving it up. That is the cream for me.

Scum - hum ! I guess there are plenty of bloggers who would put me off. But hey, they have as much right to this world as I do. Let us all swim together in this large ocean.

I like honest bloggers who have a good style and don't bore me. I bypass bloggers who bore me/seem affected/have a bad style. I wouldnt call them scums, just that they are not my type.

Our kind multiplies:We shall by morning
Inherit the earth.
Our foot's in the door.

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  1. Thanks Vipul. I think all the members who have submitted their blogs so far have made a good effort. May our tribe increase.

  2. love how u can take any topic and be off and running with it! good stuff!! didnt join this time around because i didnt have anything to say about the topics ...

  3. Thanks CP, Had to kinda push myself, for the sake of the blogging fraternity.

  4. Oh...my found d most honest opinion on the web...nice...like u even i had to abandon a million...blogs before jumping on blogspot..

    and i also liked rotten eggs...:D

  5. Natural writing. good. am looking forward to meet some of my blogging friends. IT should be an experience I guess. comparing our perceptions with reality. :-)

  6. Thanks Bharathi - We all gelled so well that the meeting was quite seamless.

  7. good post..bloggers are honest in airing their views..the reason y they resort to bloggin.. a very candid post

  8. That was a pretty unique take on Cream & Scum of blogging....I am loving this blog-a-ton....just have read 5 others on same topic and very enlightening if I may put it that way....

  9. Good post.
    Even my case was similar to your's. Started on wordpress and ended by shifting that blog onto blogger!

    Good post!
    Would be checking for your older posts!


  10. Thanks guys ! I liked the few I managed to read in the little time I can steal. I find Blog a ton fun too !

  11. so true.. tons of blogs put me off.. on the other hand there are tons of nice ones waiting to be discovered ..i just dont blog hop enuff these days !! ..

  12. I really like your post, Avdi. You have great writing style and decicive opinions. You're a cream blogger as for as I'm concerned (to use your own measure-stick)

    As for me, I'm only just beginning my journey, getting my feet wet and learning to wade through what I like and don't like.

    I look forward to the time I can swim!


  13. Creamy take !!..& a pretty nice header you have in your blog :-)!!

  14. A different take! It's amazing to see such varied thoughts, styles of expression on a topic! :)

    I am in sync with you on the Scums errr....;)

  15. Hmmm this sounds interesting...

    As is real world even the blog world is full of good nd bad people!!! Thankfully it is easier to ignore and move out here than it was 'somewhere' else!!!

    Loved the writeup

  16. hey avdiji, jus a day lft 2 declare Blog-a-Tonic of the Month.. I am sure u hv gone thru all d posts bt where's ur vote??? Plz vote 4 the post u likd d most.. othrs hav done it, so u too do ur part nd help in making Blog-a-Ton 1, a grand success:)
    Cast ur vote here:

  17. Bingo - Smita ! Thts why I love blogging. You can create you own island.

  18. i totally agree with you...some bloggers (popular ones ;) really make me jealous at times :P
    But then i tell myself... that if i want to be in their place... instead of being jealous...i need to develop my own style and thoughts and start righting better ;) (and then yeah...try bit of PR work to make your blog popular :P )

  19. Agree with your viewpoints. I do not track many blogs; just keep to the few that enrich my knowledge.
    And all of you (in my list) do it in spades.

  20. Minty - yes thts the spirit.

    Samir - Thanks .. n same goes for you.

  21. Very well written Avdi-ji :)

    I started on Blogger... Am on Blogger & I guess I will be on Blogger... :D

    Have a great day :)
    Take care :)
    Kido :)

  22. Oops, I forgot to say thanks to many on this page for commenting, Vipul, Daisy, Ranee, Daz. Thanks you all.

    Kido - yah - blogger and blogger only. We came we saw we conquered.

    ranee, the vote ws well deserved.