28 August 2009

8 Things To Know About Me

I have been tagged by A rose is a rose is a rose

8 TV shows I like
Gilmore Girls
Boston Legal
The Big Bang Theory
I dream of Jeannie
Biographical shows on Fox History
The Soup
The Simpsons

8 Favorite Places to Eat
The Cellar
Sagar Ratna
Indian Coffee House
Polka Bakery
Kamat Hotel (In Bangalore)
Rooftop Restaurant at Shivalik View (yum chinese)
Shangri La

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
I made some yummy Aloo Gobi
Son forgot that it was Thursday and he had to wear a white uniform
Because of that I had to go fetch him from half way to school
Was busy at work
Walked around with a friend at tea time and remarked on how hot it was
It rained cats and dogs just as I left office, and I got wet
As I neared home, there was no rain and my wet look drew glances
I went to bed early.

8 Things I Look Forward To
My daughters visit in November
My Nephews wedding in November
My 50th Birthday in October
New salwar kameez that I will get next week
A raise (will it, wont it ? - appraisals were deferred due to ahem.. recession)
My son getting taller
Nicer weather
A drop in prices (veggies, dal, sugar - sigh )

8 Things I Love About Winter
Snuggling in my rajai for a nap/sleep
Not feeling hot
The good food - Sarson ka saag, methi, makki ki roti, moongre
Eating oranges while sunning
Reading on the balcony, sprawled on a chatai
Being able to roam around in the afternoon
Wearing silk and crepe
Wearing pretty sweaters and jackets

8 Things on My Wish List
Being able to go on long vacations
Roaming India and the world
A lovely house
A laptop with wifi
Large plasma TV
A big courtyard for kids to play and me to lounge
A private swimming pool
8 more things to wish for, please Kind Fairy !

8 Things I am Passionate About
Blogging (koi shaq)
Walking by Sukhna Lake

8 Words or Phrases I use Often
Aaho! ( I am a punjabi afterall)
I have told you 36 times (to kid)
Kithe ('where' in Punjabi)
Uth ja beta (morning) / So ja beta (night)
Bhaiyya alloo kaise diye !

8 Things I have Learnt From My Past
Never complain never explain
Dont try to improve people
Be lively - everyone loves a happy face
Dont judge - it is the imperfections that make people interesting
To love is the most important thing
Always be a fakir at heart
Enjoy life as much as you can
Do what you think is best.

8 Places I would Love to Go or See or Visit
All the seven wonders of the world
New York

8 Things I currently Need or Want
A house of my own
A car
Lose some weight
Good shoes
Red Jeans (long time fantasy)
Contact lenses
A new washing machine

8 People to Tag
some of my favorite bakras !
Angel (she needs to fly)
(I am itching to say - Smita - but will spare her)


  1. lol @ bhaiya aloo kaise diya !!! and red jeans? really ?? and what a long tag 8 things for each category *whine* will take me some time to do this one avdi ..

  2. Yeh Red Jeans - this year I will get a pair in corduroy - I know a guy who will stitch them for me.

    Na yaar - it will take a mo - it aint much.

  3. Stitch witch chhado and go branded. Buy them with a pair of jogging shoes and 1 size smaller - incentive to lost weight too - kill 3 birds with 1 stone :D

    Super gr8 tag! Loved the responses :-))

  4. WoW! Had a smile all the while!!
    Got to know some more about you!!

    Even I had this experience of "Late Awakening" regarding kid's sports uniform!! Was so bugged with myself that day!

    50th Birthday!! WOW! Damn cool!! :)

    Yeah, even I look forward to the drop in prices!

    Ok, I am giving you some more wishes (of course on behalf of the Kind Fairy!) And may all of them come true soon!! Touch wood! :)

    Loved your oft used phrases!! Especially the last one!! :D

    And your learnings from the past are amazing!! Should learn from them!

  5. Koi Shaq Nahi Ji...

    By far the most interesting and loverly tag...

    Private swimming pool...ahem!
    Why 36 times? usually its 10 aur 50 1000...
    Red Jeans with what color top? Whichever, it will look loverly...

  6. Spike - I think benetton has them in varied colours. Good idea actually. hmm thanks !

  7. Shilpa - I loved your too. About sports uniform - my kid is older so I can scold HIM for not remembering - phew !

    Thanks for the addnl wishes- i will use them surely. Amen - I hope all our wishes come true - they will I know.

  8. Vee - I will be happy in Red Jeans, thats for sure.

    I dont know why I say 36 times. Its an old habit.

    Private swimming pool par ahem kyon?

  9. atlast somebody who has seen i dream of genie!!!! nobody i know seems to know abt this show!

  10. It was huge favorite with me when it first aired. Now Zee Cafe is re-running it in their Old Skool slot.

  11. 1st thing 1st...thanks for sparing me :P count it 36 times ;-)

    Ur rajai answer reminded me of..

    'Jadoon ki narm dhoop aur angan main let ke...' :-)

    So wt r the plans for this b'day :-) ?

    Nice one liners and loved your replies :-)

  12. Smita - i love tht song .. so warm it is, so evocative.

    Yah - i took pity on you. :) Thank you 36 times.

  13. Superrr answers and best of all the tags!
    Lol @ soja beta, uth ja beta :D

    BTW when is the b'day??and ya thanks for tagging :-)

  14. I am here :)

    I love your list...now only I could come up with something half as interesting :)

  15. Bday will come soon, one month left, Shyari. Thanks !

    Ange - not hard yaar, just listing stuff.

  16. amazing list, red jeans? wow!
    And thank god I am not the only mother who has to leave everything and get the kid home for a change of uniform.

  17. Yep red jeans.

    wow... the things mothers do.

  18. hi Av!lovely pic:)
    i know red is ur fave colour, but red jeans (raised eyebrows, as red isn't my fave colour:().. i love white jeans

  19. BB, white .. oh gosh.. so many heros wear white jeans all the time. Dunno why red, maybe some latent wish left over from childhood.

    NOT LIKE RED? really?