31 July 2009

Alphabet Soup - Tagged by Shayari

A – Available/Single? - Single - Available depends on availablee
B – Best friend? - Three, one chai friend two phone a friends.
C – Cake or Pie? - Apple pie and sinful mud pastry
D – Drink of choice? - Pepsi or Tropicana Orange
E – Essential item you use every day? – cell phone
F – Favorite colour? - Pink at the moment
G – Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears.
H – Hometown – Jamnagar and Chandigarh
I – Indulgence? – Daily evening TV, Books whenever, Weekend Mall visits for movies.
J – January or February? - January - what is this? Didnt have another question begining with J? How about Jealous or Benign? - Benign (follow up taggers may substitute the question)
K – Kids & their names? - 2 kids Angad and Hena
L – Life is incomplete without? - Me
M – Marriage date? - am divorced
N – Name? Your real name!! - Ava
O – Oranges or Apples? - Apples
P – Phobias/Fears? - The killer from the Scream, lizards snakes and crocs, fear of road accidents, very old dotage, loss of money, gain of weight, bimari, broken chappal, scooter puncture, snapped bra strap (always carry safety pins), Not having a pen, forgetting my reading glasses - help get me out of here !
Q – Quote for today? - Love conquers all. Live as if there was no tomorrow. Save for a rainy day. Dont depend on Love, Love Thyself. Heck - Just do what you feel like.
R – Reason to smile? - My Children, Loss of weight, Sight of a friend (call or appearence), A new post by my friends, Good weather, a day well spent.
S – Season? - Mild season, which allows you to wear what you like without making you feel too cold, wet or hot.
T – Tag 3 People? – Samir, Mystiquedew (they have been in hibernation for too long), Vee I want him to provide some oxymoronic answers !
U – Unknown fact about me? - Too many to list here.. wait for my khufia blog - wink wink
V – Vegetable you don’t like? - Arbi - hate the thing.
W – Worst habit? – Lazy - Procrastinator.
X – X-rays? - Yes - Got my neck x-rayed.
Y – Your favorite food? - Cant resist baingan made the way I make it, spicy. Tried gobi-ke-dhanthal(stems)? wow ! Boiled challi (corn cob) sprinkled with salt and lemon, upma, poha, pasta.
Z – Zodiac sign? - LIBRAAAAAAAAAA


  1. lol @ Availablee :D :D :D

    And Loss of weight reason for smile, sigh!!! so true, u know I lost 1/2 kg last week :D does that give u a smile??? hehehe

    And and "Love Thyself" indeed :)

    Great to know more about ;-) (Isn't that a cliched line for a tag comment :D)

  2. I meant "Great to know more about you"
    missed the you the part :D

  3. OK, OK, I can take a hint (LOL, actually seems like a big swipe.)
    I will do this tag, probably sometime next week.
    Loved your answers; how do I access your khufia blog (LOL)

  4. why would anyone like worms? the questions are real duh!

  5. Smi - YOUR weightloss does not make me smile - it makes me frown. It might make me say mean stuff like - patli to ho gayi hai par uske face par raunak nahi rahi.. hehehehe

    Yeah - I am an open book now ;)

  6. Samir - thanks !

    How can I advertise a khufiya blog? You have to do some sleuthing to discover it.

    Reema - dont ask ! Maybe there is some candy called worms in US. Mayb our pardesi bloggers and throw some light on that !

  7. It looks muddy and is white inside, its kinda gooey, and once cooked it can look like aloo, but I am never fooled by its lacy yucky look and ALL my friends have tried to fool me into eating it. But they know I would rather swallow my roti dry than eat THIS.

  8. ha ha ha mission accomplished!!!

    BTW I forgot to say pehle, I love Arbi!!!

  9. I KNOW - everyone loves arbi.. except me i think

  10. heh these tags are great tp! what is a khufia ??

  11. TP it is CP !

    khufia is like secret. I dream of having a secret blog slurrrpp..

  12. Hey u from Jamnagar...wow me too..Was born there...nd did my high schooling from there....Now we have something more to connect than our blogs :)

  13. Hi Ava!

    Thanks for completing the tag!:-)

    You cook Biangans in a diff way?Now now pls share the recipe.. Just want to make this vegetable as interesting as possible:0

    Liked S,R and Q the most :-)

    BTW, when would the khufia blog, be up and running ;-)

  14. Valerine - email me at avasuri@gmail.com. Lets exchange some Jamnagar notes. This is wonderful.

  15. Shy - Cut the baingans lengthways all the way up to the stem, but just joined so it sort stays poora with 4 peices. Stuff a mix of namak,mirch,dhania powder and amchur in it. Fill up a batch of such baingans. Also cut up some aloos. If they are large ones, cut them down to abt and inch n half chunks. Keep the aloos abt the same size as baingans. Toss the aloos in the dry powder mix as well.

    Heat oil in a pan, slightly more than usual, and put in the baingans and aloos. stir them lightly so that they are well coated with oil. Cover well and lower the heat to min. Let them cook gradually, stirring them occasionally, but with a light hand so that the baingans dont tear apart. When they are well cooked, enjoy as a side dish with roti and dal. Keep the masala a bit high so it turns spicy.

  16. Shy - Khufia blog is not going to be advertising. You have to sleuth it out.

  17. Thank you for sharing the recipe, Ava!

    Do I need to add a little water for it to cook or is it only oil?
    Anyway, will soon update you with the outcome :-)

    Sleuth it out?? Let's see;-)

  18. No water. The pan should be thick. The heat shd be minimum. The pan should be very well covered so that no steam escapes. We call cooking by 'dum', in its own steam and juices.

    God girl, all this talk has made me hungry for this dish. slurrrp.

  19. A very very very interesting ABC!!
    U don't like Arbi??
    You'd surely like it, the way I make it!! :)

  20. Shipa - Naaaah.. my coz makes the most delicious arbi. She slices them thin, fries them brown and sprinkles amchur powder+salt+mirchi over it. I swear it looks great. But no.. the dushman will never touch my lips.

  21. Hey! I also make it the same way!! It sure is YUM!!
    But guess, we need to respect your taste buds!! :)

  22. I know.. Ppl usually treat arbi like its some delicacy. Dunno why. Actually I am not too keen on maa ki dhuli daal and just cant stand bhindi if its lacy. So I guess I dont like lacy food.

  23. muchas gracias!

    Jus' the thing am waiting for ...will update shortly:)

    nice answers..:)

  24. Very nice.. Quote toh mast maara hai.. hamara milta hai ek do yahan wahan.. I did... and forced Vibes to do as well.. check..

  25. Vibes - ditto .. vee says he FORCED you to reply.. aisa?

    Vee - hehe .. jyada aadaten milni bhi nahi chahiye varna bore ho jata hai banda.