28 March 2009

Shopaholic for New Templates

Girls love makeovers.
After I got married I grew my hair. When I was young it hung down my back in thick sheets, but childbirth made it limp n stringy. I used to wear it in a ugly oldfashioned bun with pins sticking in. Then one fine day I saw a picture of me with my lemon sized bun and my hands on my hips, thanks to my brother-in-law's candid camera. I was struck with my ugliness, bad body attitude, ugh hair. Ava jawani me boodhi ho gayi thi !

I walked back into the parlour and got a hair cut, and ever since, been taking care of myself. Even if my environs are sad and regressive, I try to keep myself up-to-date and in synch with my inner self.

As with me, so with my blog. I have hunted out the perfect template for my thepinkbee blog and just found one for my rotteneggstrikes one. I love the pictures on both these blogs. I am not too happy with the border on the rotteneggstrikes one, but dont know how to change it, a plain white or black or even a deep wine colour will look good I think. I have asked a friend to help out, I trust his judgement implicitly.

I am now looking for a new template for my books blog. I would like an artwork for that, Mona Lisa or maybe that Michelangelo mural with the guy stretching out his finger. Not David, he looks like he is sitting on a pot.

We love makeovers, new clothes, shoes, bags because it makes us feel new all over. Gives us hope that things are going well.


  1. wowiee!
    uber-cool this looks! and yes, ANY makeover gives such a fresh feel!

    ps1: border isn't that bad. its funky, no?

    ps2:my enemy no. 1, post partum-mirror:(

  2. Thanks BB, yeah, the border is funky.

    Dont believe the post-partum mirror, it lies. You get a grace period of one year! Anyhow the lil bubble will soon have you running around after him and you will be your previous slim self.

  3. hehe...people like us need a shock to make us aware of our looks...

    I had shoulder length hair and hair cut used to be done annually...and then one fine day I saw split ends and no amount of trimming cud remove them...so I went ahead and cut my hair short...rest is history...hehehe

    I like this template but yes the border is a bit irritating...looks like those illusion thingie...hehehe...

  4. hmmm but the girl on top compensates for it.. so I am keeping it.

  5. and to think i was impressed with the pink bee makeover. i think this one's awesomer :D

  6. Well - I like Pinkbee better .. or do I like this one better? Hmmm...

    The hard part is finding a template for the books one now :( I want something arty - like a pic of monalisa or something.

  7. Hi Avdi,

    I'm a total dunce when it comes to makeovers. My blog for example is back with its sad old blogspot template after one from cuteblogs.com and few other custom made ones...Please help, give some gyan. I like your header. Ye, the white in the borders look a little too glaring, but that doesn't look entirely bad. Good pick I would say. Help, help...

  8. Hang on - I will find this great site a friend recommended me, n will leave the link on you nice blog which I intend to read soon.

    i will blogroll you.

  9. Me thinks i found it: http://btemplates.com. hain na? awesome templates... im glad i landed on your blog, else i'd have never known how duniya idhar se udhar pohuch gayee ;)

    Just saw your other blogs...the Food one I have decided to follow dedicatedly. May you all keep posting great recipes.. :)