25 February 2009

25 things you never knew about me

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

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Note to Newbe tagee's .. follow the instruction above. Thanks to Shayari for tagging me. :)

1. I was named Sushil Ava by my mom. Luckily my formal name Sushil did not survive.

2. For a long time my birthday was celebrated on 6th October until I found that my birth certificate certified it as 7th October. As I was born right after midnight, there was some confusion in my family about it. The confusion continues till date as I am greeted on either day by my friends and family with the opening remark - 'tera birthday 6 ko hota hai ya 7 ko?'

3. I love British and Australian actors, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, James Ivory blah blah.. even they are utterly crappy.

4. I am not much of a fighter-back. In case of a fight (verbal) I wimp out and lose. I need to remedy this immediately.

5. I am not much of a caller.

6. I always profess love for ‘good’ cinema but adore watching crappy romantic light stuff like High School Musical, Scary movie, 10 things I hate about you, My Best Friends Wedding, Someone Like You, The object of my affection, Cruel Intentions.

7. I cant stand any of Barjatya movies and have never seen them even for free on the TV.

8. I watch way too much TV

9. I exercise way too less

10. I eat way too much in the evenings, and it is just comfort food, to beat the boredom of the day and stress.

11. I am crazy about bags.

12. Walking by the Sukhna Lake is something I am always game for.

13. I can seem pretty standoffish at times, I dont mean it though.

14. I love my children

15. I am obsessive about my space.

16. I always keep in touch with my friends, and they are for life

17. I love a crazy streak in people. I don’t want them to perfect, I accept them as they are, with
their faults.

18. I dont get addicted to things easily, not even tea.

19. I shouldn’t be allowed to handle money, I should be given 10 Rs. For kharcha each day, am so bad with money. However, if you are eyeing my meagre money, remember you have take my liabilities too.

20. I should have been born to the Sultan of Brunei, or should have been the daughter of the Hiltons. Doing nothing and spending money is my fantasy numero uno.

21. I love Chandigarh, and when I am showing it around to a visitor, I see it with new eyes.

22. I don’t like keeping pets. Animals deserve their space on this planet and their individuality. Heck, all elements deserve their space. It is about time MAN stopped being so arrogant and uppity about his role in the scheme of things.

23. I love pretty things.

24. I hate bad smell.

25. I hate extremism in anything.

In my turn I tag Vee, Couchpapaya, Angel, Prabash, WIAN, Bouncing Bubble, Jabberwock and Sameer !

Smita and Bedazzled have already done it, alas !


  1. Sushil....hahahahahaa...

    I wrote 10 Things I hate about you already for you on DVD.. will be sending soon as soon as I complete others.

    Yes, I knew about ur fetish of brit guys.. how about Scottish MacAvoy.. wo bhi hai na... I know I know..

    I hate keeping pets... something matches there... :)

  2. yeh.. ever since i saw Atonement, James McAvoy was high on my list. I heard he was fab in Wanted.

  3. Nice List Ava!

    I love ur name too :)

    Btw on the topic of keeping pets...read about the recent controversies with a woman and a Chimp?

  4. u cld have been in fashion ava, u know the fad here is to give girls boy names :) nice reading about u .... will do the tag !

  5. You changed the post anticipating our comment on your savings! Cheating cheating cheating!!! Apna sapna money money ;)

  6. Nice list Ava. Thanks for completing the tag!:)

    Hate extremism in anything..? Same here:)

    Sigh! love for pretty things costs dear :(

  7. Lovely!!! oops.... sushil! hee hee

    wow, u get to celebrate ur birthday twice!...

    Ur list was a good read but honestly, I think ur not being honest abt no. 17! (what an excellent usage of the word honest here!) :D

    I'll respect ur space and not comment on any other traits u have!

    A romantic, tv watching mother with a balanced love for nature and materialistic things in life! is how I was describe u based on this post!

  8. Ava :
    You really want to be like Paris Hilton ? (LOL), I see you more as a daughter of Warren Buffet.
    Did you see Mickey Blue Eyes ?, Hugh Grant was pretty cool in it.
    I will do mine soon.

  9. cp, ha .. i will await your list

    Smita - Haan thoda tweak karna pada, lalchi log peeche pad gaye the;) doodhwale ka bill, kiraya, petrol, bachche ki fees ki chinta hone lad gayi..

    workhard - thanks

    Shayari - thanks

    Ein - I didnt stop to analyse myself. Left it to you. Why is 17 hard to believe? Did I ever do anything to make you believe otherwise?

    Samir- yaar warren buffet will make me work. I want to wear pink, carry dogs in my purse and just lounge around all day, and buy whatever I want.

    I dreamt specifically - as smita knows - of owning my own island with a glass house where I could invite nice people like Hugh Grant etc for an extended vacation.

  10. All - I have seen Mickey Blue Eyes, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Music and Lyrics, Love Actually, Bridget Jones I and II, About a Boy (maybe one or two more, the names escape me)

    Mera pyar jhootha nahi hai. I watch as many Hugh's films as I can lay my hands upon.

  11. lol I should have been born to the Sultan of Brunei, or should have been the daughter of the Hiltons. Doing nothing and spending money is my fantasy numero uno.

    I wish I was adopted by Mukku Bhai as his sister ;)

    Lovely tag there and we do match in many...like eating way too much and exercising way too less ;)
    No worries there! Hum to ase hi hain bhaiyya

  12. Wian, ye mukku bhai kaun hai?? oh ok.. mukesh ambani. Han Han wo bhi chalega as long as the purse strings are loose and moneybags are huge eh ;)

  13. eisi, that is a pretty cryptic comment to my long declaration !

  14. Is it now.... sometimes it pays to be a bit mysterious :D

  15. ein, be careful then, most of your mystery has stripped away gradually. we know your name, we know the day you were born...

  16. Was that a dire warning or a humorous jab? The former I dont care for and the latter didnt humor me.

    Well, you know me since some time now and you also know my preference for too much revelation.... ok, make that ANY revelation of my identity. Yet you persist on doing it. (Sometimes it makes me regret letting people in too close)

    Since you do it inspite of knowing it, I have not even taken the trouble asking u to refrain from it.

    If it gives you pleasure, I dont want to deprive you of it :D

    BTW, I found out my name was made public in my MS profile and look at what I changed it to :D

    (am not posting the link here for OBVIOUS reasons and if you dont mind, I'd like it if you just used my alias on public forums - Thanks)

    PS: You may delete this comment if u wish to do so.
    PPS: The Kenny G music I listened to on your blog while writing this was very cool.

  17. ohhhhhhh eisi.. i would not strip away your mystery for all the jewels in the world.. It was not a warning.. i was more like a careless comment one makes while picking one's teeth. I swear.. I have not taken any supari from anyone about it.

    Delete your comment !! Never !!

    The music is to entire readers into lingering on my page :D

  18. Happy Women's day in advance Ava!! See you soon :)

  19. Love u r template .. ditto with 3,4,5,6,78,9,10,11,13,15,19,20!!,22,23,24,25.. wow!! , thats quite a list of dittos ;0

  20. Thanks Shayari.. same to you !

    Daz.. Great minds think alike eh ;)

  21. came here blog hopping..got glued as i read the 7th oct stuff..coz me n the same date..sans the confusion :) and i thot there might be similarities..and lo..there isnt anything i differ on! :) yeah differing is again a difficult stuff for me!! :)

  22. hey verbi.. i have checked out your blog often too :)

    Wow we are birthday sisters ! How cool is that.

    Oh Man, Librans are terrible, we agree too much, right :(

  23. soooooooo
    7th Oct
    A libran
    Mine is on the same day