31 January 2009

The Domestication of Mr. Rochester

Part II of Jane Eyre - BBC Book Adaptations starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephans was eagerly awaited as this part contained the most drama.

The death of Mrs. Reed brings Jane back to her beloved Thornton. She is hopelessly in love with Rochester, her station (as the poor governess) prevents any hopes. She is sure he will soon marry Blanche Ingram and she would be sent away. But Rochester proposes to her and gets her a pretty dress too. Just when her happiness is about to be culminated, her nuptials are interrupted by Mason who claims that Rochester is married, and cannot marry again. Ahhh... the drama. Thats when Jane finds out about the mysterious occupant of the north wing, a raving lunatic that Rochester was tricked into marrying.

Jane flees, and is taken in by St John and his sisters. She discovers a legacy and some relations and is reconciled to the idea of living a humdrum life pining for Rochester. But one night, when she is wavering over a decision to marry St John she hears Rochester call out to her. She goes back to Thornton to find it burned down, and Rochester living as a blind man. His crazed wife had burned the house down and thankfully perished. So Jane gets him back.

I do know the story does proceed this way, though the series took a bit of liberty of modernising it by having Roch and Jane kiss each other crazily at times. I wonder if it was allowed for a man to kiss a woman before marriage then. And then we even had Rochester make an indecent proposal to Jane, something about living together forever because he could not marry her... in separate bedrooms of course, but ohhh such a wicked idea. During the final proposal Roch tells Jane that he wants a wife, not a nursemaid, someone to share his bed at night, and even during the day. While wicked ole Jane just smiles back instead of being horrorstruck. The end-scene had the blind Roch smiling happily as he is made to hold his baby, while another nestles in Jane's arms. Hmmm.. so finally Roch and Jane get laid. But really, I am sure Ms. Bronte was not so risque. It seems like a bit of a modernising pitch on part of the series writer.

Well, whatever, it was more fun seeing Jane romancing the wild Rochester uninhibitedly and the ultimate domestication of Mr. R.


  1. hehe yeah avdi, i remember one scene with them kissing passionately on a bed and my eyebrows went thru the roof. but, ur right, it was good fun!

  2. hehe yes.. all that door door se stuff may be cute, but up close n personal is good.