07 December 2008

TV Guide for a lazy evening

It is hard to find entertainment when you are really looking for it. Not really in a mood to go out after a tiring day, the only option is the television remote. It is not a mystery why the nation is so hooked to the various saas-bahu or other soaps. That is easy entertainment delivered to your doorstep, and it is easy to get hooked on to something trivial when there is no alternative.

I am not hooked on to any particular serial. Only stuff on Star World or Zee Cafe. Usually it is Friends, followed by Seinfeld, followed by Whose line is it anyway. I try to catch How I met your Mother, Ugly Betty, That 70s Show. I really really want to see BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on Zee Cafe but I missed the first episode because I forgot and it is aired pretty late (by my standards) 10.30 pm.

I miss 3rd Rock from the Sun which was such a funny serial. I like Gilmore Girls too. GG is about Lorelai Gilmore who got knocked up when she was sixteen. She left her rich parents, went out into the big bad world to have the baby on her own and do things her own way. At the moment her daughter Rory is 16, which makes her 32. She is now a manager at some Inn and continues to live in Stars Hollow in Connecticut, where she grew up. The series is about parenting, lost opportunities, looking for love and bonding. It is warm and funny. I wont say its the best ever, but its very watchable. Way better than Desperate Housewives, where you just say Oh Come On every 5 mins. GG reminds me of my times with my daughter. I tell you its sheer heaven to have a girl of your own.

I was just through with watching Gilmore Girls when Sex and the City started. I dont always like it, but I like Samantha in this. Plus the fashions are good on this show. So its fun looking at Carrie's hair, Samatha's clothes, Miranda's drink and Charlotte's smile. Plus the guys are really really hot on this show. Somehow, Carrie lands up with all these tall, huge, hunks who seem to suit Samantha better. But, like the heros of Jane Austen novels, these guys are really mouthwatering.

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