19 November 2008

Bad Bad

I have been feeling so miffed lately. I don't know if I am just being menopausal or finally turning into what I dreaded all along - a crotchety old woman, or it's just things are getting to me.

At work, I notice people want me to do all the work and then pass it on as their own effort and get credit for it. I get scolded for everything that goes wrong and never get credit for what goes right.

Why do you have to be manipulative at work, why is saying things more important than just working?

Why do my friends love me so much and say such nice things for me and my work associates just want to run me down.

At this age... why am I still a sucker?

How can I get out of this bad situation - help !


  1. Trust me it is not related to age. The only reason behind this would be your selfish-over ambitious-lazy-opportunist colleagues....

    In the initial 3 years of my working life I used to ask too many ques, I used to question the logic behind doing an assignment when I wouldn't even be getting credit for it and worst come worst the recco's wouldn't even be implemented.

    But with times I have realised the futility of such thoughts. People around you won't change. You know you aren't wrong so take everything as is...Go into full to 'Gandhigiri' mode...you'll be at peace....

    And you always know that people who matter to you know the real you :)

  2. Hang in there, this will pass.
    BTW --- I did see "Dick" and it was an excellent movie; thanks for alerting me to it.

  3. Smita - thanks sweetheart. I felt better after i read your comment.
    I used to be patient n sweet always but ppl just take you for granted so i am a hissing naagin these days.

    Samir - thanks man ! Oh I love tht movie. Its so funny. Funnily I read about the watergate scandal (I mean the details) after watching the movie n laughed when I remembered how the 'taping the door' sequence was used in the movie. And also the boy's stash in the cookies. And Krushchev getting all giggly after eating a few.

  4. Hugs to you, Ava!
    I have no solution to offer since I share your tears. I am still sometime away from menopause and yet I am a sucker! :(
    Like Samir says, this will pass too! :) Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  5. ... and please write more often. Love the way you write :)

  6. wian .. thanks .. i do hope this will pass too..

    i do try to write more, its a wonderful stressbuster, believe me

  7. i believe i've been handing out this link ever since i found it


    doesnt contain anythng concrete avdi, but i hope it makes u feel better that ur not alone! hang in there!!!