07 September 2008

700 Rs in Gift Vouchers !

I have collected 700 Rs. worth of gift vouchers from indiaplaza.in, my fave website to look for books. This will allow me to pick my wishlist clean. :) Not totally clean.. but it will get there for sure.

So what is preventing me from ordering right now? I am leaving to Delhi for SAP training, and there won't be anyone home to pick up the delivery. Ouch! SoIi will have to hold myself.

I am off to Delhi without Bambino. It is always a holiday of sorts when I find myself footloose, though I don't always do what you think I should do. Yet it's a relief to lose time in your own way. Umm.. I kinda have two dates lined up. But am not sure how they will turn out. Can't deny I have HOPES.

1 comment:

  1. woo! am J ... let us know what books u picked up !!! AND good luck for the dates .... worst case u'll have blog fodder :P have a great trip!!!