29 August 2008

Friday at Last

I have no big things lined up for the weekend. I have to run a couple of errands tomorrow, that promise to shoot big holes through my Saturday. After which Sunday will go as Sunday goes. I hope I get some much much much deserved R&r.

The rains have stopped but the heat is back with vengeance, reminding me that if it hadn't rained like cats and dogs this season, we would have roasted to hell.

Office was quite satisfactory this week. I got transferred to another department. Though that saves me from the horrible IT boss and his destructive appraisals, I feel sad that I helped set up this department and it has just disintegrated. But no matter, such is the way of the world, and it never helps to shed tears for what has gone by.


  1. I can understand you feelings. The division in which am working had started some 6-7 years back and I had seen every single thing coming up in front of my eyes. Now we are closing down and am the one who is handling the report from here, Imagine my situation :(

    Hope u have a relaxing Sunday :)

  2. Part and parcel of life!
    I wish I get a transfer soon as far away from my current boss as possible :( Sighs!