16 August 2008

All work and no play

Well it isnt as if I am working all the time. I play when I am at work and work when I am supposed to be playing. What really sucks about a full time job is the way you are TIED DOWN. I have to spend 81/2 hours in the office, add about half hour each for commuting and I am down to a neat 91/2 hours. 10 hours of prime day time gone in warming the seat. Absences make a dent in the casual leave, so have to be careful about that. So it is like sitting in a jail for the best part of the day and by the time you are out of office you have to cook, look to the child, pick up groceries, maybe a few other things and all you are good for is a stint in front of TV. No wonder India is hooked to Saas Bahu serials, that is the only thing you are capable of after a day of drudgery.

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