09 July 2008

Was yesterday Sucky

I have to change my son's school. There are no two ways about it. His current school isnt all that great anyway. Sure, the only thing that holds me back is the fact that my son is comfortable in this school, having been here for all his education. But.... I cannot help it. I do feel the new school will be an improvement.

God help me.

The weather is alternatively hot and humid or wet and humid. I am not able to decide which is better. As long as the wet and dry keep happening in short spells, it is tolerable.

I am not able to get back to my book, or watch my TV, which makes me feel disoriented after a while. I am so used to my routine, it is hard to fathom how to get along without it. It will take me a week to settle down to my ways once again.

Remember Remember, exercise exercise !

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