03 July 2008

Rain or not

Early monsoon has ensured that we do not see the 47C temps anymore, but has ensured that we face the stifling humidity early this year that promises to last longer. I am ok about weathers, not the kind to crib if it is too hot or too cold, but children seem to have very little tolerance, and their impatience rubs off on me.

I am happy as long as there is sufficient light for me to read my book and lounge about un-interrupted.

I love the decor of my room, its not rich or lavish, just a bamboo diwan with a bamboo table for my tv with a little shelf under it for my books. There is a bamboo chair too which I particularly love. The doc asked me to sit up for my tv viewing and not slump on my bed, which made me get the chair .. I am planning to go as-bamboo-as-I-can.. so there !

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