27 June 2008

Pop goes my GC

Did a bit of eene meene minee mo with my wishlist and then blew my gift certificate on Sea of Poppies. If this book turns out to be over-hyped, I will not trust anyone again. The book should be here within a day or so .. Tomorrow !

But the question is .. do I have time to read? do I have time to read?? Sigh .. I will be posting some more and try to clock my reading.

Well ..last night I spent about 10-15 minutes going through my treasured book on Women Sufi Poets in India published by Manushi. An excellent book that yeilds something good everytime i dip into it. That was productive reading !!

Uh oh! Also checked out the Hot Millions outlet in Panchkula.. fab.. rad.. Cant wait to try out their Cellar. If it is better than Down Under and Cellar-35 .. it would be great.


  1. Kewl.. 'Sea of Poppies' is urs now.. btw, i am not following the sales factor of this book, neither read any reviews, is it being over hyped as I sense from ur post?

  2. I hope not.. It is just that having ordered the book, I suddenly feel scared. Happens to me all the time...