14 April 2008


Do I get stuck by a sudden mental block the minute I hit the dashboard for a NEW POST. Aisa kya? I used to be pretty fluent at writing, just think n type. Ab kya ho gaya... is my life sad and empty?

Spent Saturday roaming all the bookstores looking for Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. Am determined to read this book. I know I know I am going to love it. Why is it so hard to get the book you like off the counter. Why dont our book stores stock this one? Only thing thts available is the likes of Judith Krantz and Ken Follett. What does Judith Krantz write about, pray !

Am I to spend my whole life reading nothing but PG Wodehouse? Is it so awful to try and discover good random writers in bookstores? :( :(

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