20 September 2006

Nearly forgot about my blog in the hassle over the bad net connection. Luckily Sooraj reminded me about it. Thanks Sooraj.

Just ponder over the simple but deadly advice by some ancient anonymous sage "Practice makes Perfect".

It applies to everything..... everything.

I remember taking up walking very seriously at one time, walking upto 7 kms everyday. My friends started commenting on how graceful my walk had become. Forcing yourself to write atleast a paragraph everyday makes your writing graceful as well. Your spelling improves, you pay more attention to sentence construction, paragraph construction. Similarly, if you listen to music more often, more eclectically, your taste gets honed and you are less likely to tolerate idiotic stuff. Similary with reading, the more you read, the more discerning you become.
Eating - you eat different kinds of food, you become concious of different flavours and settle less and less for 'tent house' food.

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